Sunday, 9 September 2012

'Everyone Must Die!' Horror Movie Showcase

We take a look at the new Horror/Comedy from Dark Mullet Productions arriving this October
When it comes to your town, no one can run, no one can hide, EVERYONE MUST
DIE! A pattern of similar killings occurs, leaving small towns aghast with grief and suspicion. When the massacre left Kyle's sister in the coroner's office, he vowed to solve the mystery behind the gruesome pattern of slaughter and find out where this seemingly death-proof killer will strike next. Join us as this tale of gore spreads from town to town, person to person, and blade to blade, leaving nobody safe, because, after all...EVERYONE MUST DIE!


Here at The Evil Eye we caught up with Director and Co-Writer Steve Rudzinski and this is what he told us about the project:-

Everyone Must Die! is a fresh look at the Slasher film genre that is fun to watch, funny, but also an interesting tale of revenge.  I had gotten tired of the Slasher genre giving itself the same plot over and over again. We meet five kids, they get killed, the end. That's an over-generalization, for sure. There are plenty of unique slasher films I have seen and even own myself. But for the most part, I keep seeing slasher movies that I feel I've already seen a couple dozen times.
The idea sprung to me when watching another movie, Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter. In it, we are introduced to a character hunting down the franchise poster boy Jason. This character on a quest for revenge is barely granted much screen time. To me, he had a very interesting story potential. I often wondered, what would the movie had been like if it was from HIS perspective?
Steve Rudzinski - Director/Co-Writer
So I called up my good friend Derek Rothermund to help me write a script based on only the name I came up with and the idea of the entire story being based around a character hunting down our movie's slasher with a thirst for vengeance. I kept in mind for us to make sure the script was as funny as it could be without being an outright comedy, taking the idea of "funny until the killer shows up." Also, the most important thing for a movie to be in my opinion is fun. I made sure that was the case here. Finally, what would a film like this be without a large body count? There is no small batch of victims here, there is plenty of blood everywhere.
Looking at the final product, I have to say the entire team and I suceeded. This movie takes notes from the classic genre staples that fans should enjoy, but it's different enough to stand out from the crowd. I hope you agree.

'Everyone Must Die!' will be out early October, watch this space!

You can follow the movie at the following locations:-
Everyone Must Die - Official Site 

Adam 'Evil Eye' Cutler

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