Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Exit 7A Review

Horror Short - Starring Ben Watts, Michael Mooney, Angela Borrello, Joshua Heggie.  Short Story by Asher Ellis.  Directed by William Peters. (2012)

A young man must decide what to do next when his hitchhiking passenger says that she’s going to kill someone who lives off of Exit 7A. (Courtesy of IMDB)


Exit 7A is a fresh new take on the traditional Grim Reaper folklore. The story is appropriately paced from the beginning, where Paul (Ben Watts) comes across a young, female hitchhiker (Angela Borrello), questions her about where she’s going and her reason for being in town, and is both curious and shocked by her confession. The story keeps up the same intensity as Ben makes an attempt to stop his murderous passenger, but loses her in the process of finding that a family member has passed.

I watched Exit 7A a few times and each time noticed something different. What stood out to me was Death’s signature style- dark clothes and red Converse, accompanied by eerie, piercing blue eyes. The “Angels of Death”, as I decided to call them, were obviously up to no good, but remained calm and all business, just like your classic Grim Reaper…as if they have a choice. Paul failed to produce evidence of this “messenger of death”, but his police officer brother (Michael Mooney) soon comes across his own mysterious stranger (Joshua Heggie).

There isn’t anything that I would change about this short film. I think it is well written, has sound and music that flows well and fits each scene, and in turn adds to the intensity of the characters moods. I really feel that if done the right way, Exit 7A could be an impressive full-length film. Director William Peters did a great job putting words into action and that certainly helped in holding my attention and making me excited to see what was coming next. It was over too fast and I definitely wanted to see more.

Rating 4 out of 5

By Debbie Lord
1st August 2012

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